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Week 3 Part 2

Business #1  Fenty Beauty, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube For Instagram they post daily, for Facebook they post once or twice a week, for twitter they post every other day, they verily use TikTok, and for Youtube, they post once or twice a week. Instagram 2/21/19, Facebook 2/20/19, Twitter 2/20/19, TikTok doesn't say, and for Youtube, the last day they posted was 2/17/19 Fenty Beauty cosmetics uses their social media really well and they know what they are doing. They use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter the most out of all the social media platforms they use the most. Business#2  Fashion Nova, Snapchat, facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and youtube Instagram multiple times a day, Snapchat daily, facebook multiple times a day, twitter multiple times a day, Pinterest daily, and youtube they post once or twice a week. Instagram 2/21/19, Snapchat 2/21/19, facebook 2/21/19, twitter 20/21/19, Pinterest 20/21/…

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